Parachute Pavilion
Coney Island | New York | april 2005

The design concept for the pavilion consists of two building volumes reflecting both the horizontal and the vertical aspects of the location. Verticality is reached by lifting up the exhibition or event space and making it float in the air.

It is being kept up by a slender wooden structure which by its form reminds to parachute chords and thus to the former function of the Parachute Jump, the big landmark which dominates the location. The other aspect of the site is identified by the all around horizontally orientated views: the beach with the sea and the long, broad boardwalks. This is projected on the big volume, which literally embraces the floating one. The two floors give space the rest of the functions: the upper floor, which connects with the boardwalk, to the main entrance, toilets and the restaurant with terrace and downstairs are the store, the four offices and the private entrance with the restrooms, storage and kitchen.

Referring to the long wooden boardwalks which give a special character to the environment the main structure is made in wood. For the exhibition space a dark opaque facade is chosen to keep the strong, private and selfstanding character. The wood/glass facade reflecting the horizontality of the location symbolize the openess of the public spaces in the big volume.

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